No-Fraud Protection / Storage Leasing

   Your Eyes & Ears at the Farm.

 Mega  Source  Trading, Inc.

Tru-TanksTM Verification Services 

Securing your fuel transactions

It's one of the most important things we can do, but it's also the most overlooked. Here at Mega Source Trading, Inc. we'll help you verify and secure your fuel supply every step of the way while protecting your valuable banking and tank information. Don't worry, we've got you...around the world.

How much time & money do you spend unraveling fraud?


Sometimes, it's fun to be fooled. But, in business, isn't it more fun to KNOW? Let's be realistic here. Fuel fraud seems to be the rule in global trading. But now you can verify your fuel offers while protecting your valuable banking and tank farm information and not releasing any funds before confirmation. Follow our Tru-TanksTM program and you'll succeed more often and waste no more time, or money, on failed deals. Tru-TanksTM plans start at US$5,200 per transaction verified. 
What do you have to lose?

And, we can dip your product, too, and maybe save you money! When you've proved the fuel, we can provide a Q&Q dip by a trusted, global inspection service. And tanks at a leading farm in Rotterdam or Houston. No more commitments to tanks before seeing the fuel and verifying the Seller.

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